Geomancy Consultant


The following videos have been listed in order of posting on this site as a way of archiving and repository to help keeping them in the one place. These videos are significant in demonstrating the various applications and considerations of Geomancy.

These videos are intended to be used as reference and although some are created by the author of this site many are by third parties. Hence we do necessarily agree or support all points raised but provide this information as discussion and for you to make up your own mind.

Schumann Resonance

Schumann's Resonance has been repeatedly measured at 7.83 Hz which can be compared to the Alpha waves that control our mental, emotional and physical well being which is critical for the survival of our species. When out of balance humans, animals and nature start to form deformation and unnatural stress and imbalance. Geomancers have techniques and tools to help align this frequency by using the existing geopathic influences to promote the optimal environment. Geomancers use Schumann's Resonance in order to determine a geopathic, geological and geomagnetic imbalance.


Geomantic Significance of The Great Pyramid

The ancient civilizations where familiar with the natural cycles and influences that can generate great power, healing and influence over our every aspect of our lives. These include our mental, emotional and physical well being but also how to align with the universe and natural law. The alignment of these geomantic influences are designed for the ultimate evolution of humanity. Although a lot of this knowledge has been hidden within various scientific and historical societies it can be utilized by each individual that is open and willing to read or ask the right questions. Not one culture or faith has all the answers as it is the collective that makes up the complete. With sincerity and authentic investigation and research each one of us can learn from the other.