Geomancy Consultant


Geomancy explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. This awareness and relationship empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place, and not only promotes health, creativity but also can enhance spiritual growth.

Specializing in the use of Westing Geomancy,  Classical Feng Shui, Devination and Numberology as tools designed to help bring harmony, transformation and awareness into your home, office and life. Using this ancient wisdom, cosmology and sciences helps you to cultivate eco-living, environmental enhancement, space clearing, earth energy mapping, earth acupuncture, identification and resolution of geopathic stress.

Qi is the flow of energy which surrounds everything in life. Flowing well, this Qi promotes health and vitality. When Qi is not flowing or interfering it can impact our lives negatively. Through the addition, removal or change of features and remedies within the home, office, garden or property you can improve and enhance your wealth, health, communication, favourablity and overall happiness. 

Geopathic and classical Feng Shui surveys and clearings for any envirionment expand your spatial awareness by paying particular emphasis on geopathic stresses. These include disturbed or poluted underground water lines, unsuportive ley-lines and geomagnetic grid crossings, human ghosts and resolving problematic non-human entities and disturbed elemental spirits.
Medical Geomancy consultations ideally used in conjunction with a holistic medical strategy and supervision. People with cancer, mental illness, or any other medical conditions that may have been triggered by geopathic stres. These stress have a significant impact on animals such as pets and vegitation of which all respond very quickly through the use of various devices and remedies. Rememedies can also be used to remove or irradicate pest such as insects and other unwelcomed guests.

Consultation with architects at the design stage of new-build or renovation projects, to introduce western Geomancy, Classical Feng Shui precepts into the design, bespoke for the client, for optimum Qi flow. Geopathic stress surveys and clearings for public buildings and spaces with a history of a wide range of social problems such as vandalism and disorder crimes, corruption and fraud. 

Have your home, office or property surveyed using a compass, dowser and devination by a professional geomancer either on-site, or remotely can open doors for transformation. We map out supportive and unsapportive zones, geopathic influences but also identify areas of unsuportive energy, idnetify electro magnetic fields EMFs and ratiation. Electro-magnetic radiation can be checked with meters and advise on ways to help reduce impact. We use various devices including earth acupuncture based on certain geopathic stresses, energy harmonization techniques and devises placed on site.

Based in Melbourne we offer home and business consultations throughout Australia. For more information and to register your interest use our contact form.