Geomancy Consultant


We believe that each and every client is unique, hence why our service caters to your needs and requirements.

Quotes will be provided based on a free initial phone consultation and will take into account your location, personal circumstance, requirements, property and land size.


Domestic Fee : $500 to $1,000
Retail Fee : $1,000 to $2,000
Agricultural Fee : $2,000 to $6,000

Preparation of Plans

Domestic Single Story: $150
Additional Floors: $50

Retail & Agricultural Plans are included.

Prices will include the geomantic handmade devices and any remedies that will need to be placed on site. In the event that you would prefer a remote consultation, we will require that you provide a scaled plan and the direction of the north marked clearly. Any devices that will need to be shipped will include placement instructions as well as an additional postage charge.

Professional Health Service Verification & Consultation

Suitable for alternative health specialists to help them verify, document and demonstrate the effectiveness of their life's work. We all know the challenges we face in promoting our work no matter how much conviction, sincerity and authenticity, we often are faced with the client's skepticism, doubt and projection.

Being in the geospatial, meditation, healing, kinesiology, geomancy and human potential fields since 1992 including his science background as a consultant engineer has allowed him to utilize scientific equipment to support his clients as well as other professionals to promote and support and promote their work through print and online marketing.

Utilizing cutting edge technology that measures bio-energy, auric fields, chakra analysis,organ behaviour, brain waves, patterns and response to produce before and after analysis to demonstrate not only the effectiveness of his work and approach. He also uses a Class 2 Medical Grade equipment and technology as shown in the figure to the left, courtesy, Tantric Ninja to not only assist clients seeking verification, reassurance, nutrition and allergy testing as well as pet surrogating and couple analysis.

This data can be used as a before and after reading from a single session or a series of consultations to demonstrate improvements in stress levels, organ energy, chakra alignment, whole-brain activation and integration as well as heart and breath congruency.

Consultants that have benefited from reports generated utilizing this technology include chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, massage therapist and sports consultants.

Testing will need to be in situ, in person with either a client or the instructor or consultant themselves.

Feel free to make contact for a quick discussion, demonstration and full details of what this means to you and your clients.

$1000 PER HOUR


Please let us know if you live elsewhere so that we can consider and possibly make an exception based on your circumstances and budget.